FREC approves change to team advertising rules

The Florida Real Estate Commission (FREC) met in Orlando and addressed advertising rules.

FREC revisited the team ad rule finalized in June 2018. While the rule became official last summer, it gave real estate teams one year to comply with the new regulations. The effective date of compliance – July 1, 2019 – has not changed.

Team ad rule change

FREC commissioners approved a change to the first sentence of subparagraph (6), which addresses the size of team names compared with brokerage names in advertising. The change will assist licensees with compliance and with enforcement of the rule by the Division of Real Estate.

If the change is unopposed as it winds its way through Florida's rulemaking process, it will replace the existing first sentence of this subparagraph.

"The rationale behind the change is the word 'appear' is vague in the current version, given the number of questions raised by brokers and teams," says Juana Watkins, Florida Realtors vice president of law and policy and general counsel. "In addition, comparing the logo of the brokerage to the printed name of the team presented difficulties as well. For these reasons, FREC hopes to eliminate the confusion caused by the team ad rule."

New subparagraph 61J2-10.026(6)In aAdvertisements containing the team or group name, the team or group name shall not be appear in larger print than the name or logo of the registered brokerage. All advertising must be in a manner in which reasonable persons would know they are dealing with a team or group.

The rule now winds its way through Florida's rulemaking process that includes, among other things, publication and a 21-day public comment period after publication.

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